Epik is dedicated to full compliance and continuous improvements to its Health, Safety and Environmental Policy through the collective efforts of all its employees, partners and subcontractors. This starts from the top executive management, all the way down to lower levels of supervisors and craft labor, ensuring a safe working environment in every project undertaken. All personnel at every level are empowered to enforce a safe working environment. The Safety and Health Plans, Standards, Instructions and Hazard Analyses are routinely enforced and monitored through periodic site and home office meetings. Training programs are encouraged at every level in order to ensure the betterment of our individuals and programs. The Company’s management has long adopted and continues to believe that Safety is First and Foremost, and our goals always strive for “Zero Accidents & Incidents”.

Inherently, construction projects can be potentially dangerous and hazardous, however, at Epik, with the right plans and programs in place, under the right leadership, our projects are safe and environmentally friendly. The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager is always recognized as a senior level position, with full responsibility for implementation of the HSE and Construction Accident Prevention Plans.

The company’s Corporate HSE Plan is continually being improved to stay current with all recent developments in safety engineering and field practices. Our primary objective is to establish, implement and enforce all standards for the prevention of accidents, and all potential environmental hazards for all personnel engaged in our program, on or off the project sites. Our familiarity with the strict policies of United States Army Corps of Engineers “Safety and Health Requirements (EM-385-1-1) makes us well prepared to monitor, enforce, and ensure safety at every level. Our performance speaks for itself and we have a very successful safety record.