Our Vision

Epik's vision is to become a world class prominent corporation, preferred by its clients, partners, suppliers and employees, distinguished by top-notch services it provides all over the world.

Our Mission

Epik's mission is to provide full satisfaction to all stakeholders by continuously increasing the added value to the services provided in cooperation with internal and external clients.

Our Values

Our values solidify who we are and what we believe...

We are client focused, performance driven and make the difference through innovative leadership and continuous improvement. Our experience and diversity provides extraordinary advantages toward timely and cost-effective service. Epik's culture routinely promotes teamwork, collaboration and genuine trust, through transparent and effective communications. We view the problems as opportunities and proactively remedy them.

Our aim is to create and maintain long term relationships, while placing client priorities ahead of our interests. Reward will follow...because performance speaks for itself.

Our Policies

Epik is committed to continual improvement of standards of services and development of all the team members. It is Epik's main goal and policy to obtain professional satisfaction and pride, both for the client and ourselves, and to provide the clients with the best services, highest quality and most economical solutions through total quality management approach.

The objective of Epik is to ensure a safe and secure working environment with a strong safety awareness by all of our employees. Our goal is to reach the zero accident and incident principle during all phases of its service.

Epik also feels the responsibility for promoting good environmental practice and sustainability in the conduct of its activities. We recognize that our activities are capable of having a significant impact on the environment. It is Epik's policy to provide excellent products and services while ensuring that any adverse effects on the environment are kept to a minimum.

While executing all of its processes, it is Epik's indispensable duty to obey the applicable laws and regulations, prevent injury and occupational ill health of its employees and visitors, and protect the environment and natural resources.