U.S. Embassy Compound Security Upgrade, Dhaka Bangladesh

U.S. Embassy Compound Security Upgrade, Dhaka Bangladesh

On two separate compounds; security upgrades and renovations to gates, perimeter walls, exterior of existing buildings, involving Chancery, Office Building, Marine security guard residence, Consular Affairs Section, and support facilities. Demolition and reconstruction of access facilities. 

-Additional work involving replacement of Waste Water Treatment System ( WWTS ) was also awarded to Epik International Inc. as prime contractor by U.S. Department of State – Regional Procurement Support Office with a contract amount of $ 525,230.



Epik International Inc. (Prime Subcontractor to Desbuild Incorporated)


Dhaka, Bangladesh


U.S. Department of State - Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations

Contract Amount

$ 18,200,000


26 Months

Completion Date

January 2020